What We Like

The Harvard Grant Study

This is an interesting essay about the Harvard Grant Study. This study, commenced in 1938, followed 268 Harvard students for the rest of their lives. The essay is adapted from a book called Triumphs of Experience: the Men of the Harvard Grant Study.

Seniors Taking over Manhattan

Here’s an interesting article about how NYC became a global leader for senior living—one Zumba class at a time!

Claremont on Park

 The planned development around Claremont Football Oval embodies many of the features that PerthALIVE looks for in a major development.  Read More…

Do you know the Walk Score for your neighbourhood?  By PerthALIVE writers.  Published  Nov 23, 2013

PerthALIVE promotes higher density developments next to or on top of major shopping and urban centres. Proximity to a major transit node is vital.  In other words all amenities are within walking distance.  The Walk Score website rates over 10,000 neighborhoods in almost 3,000 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Read more…

Vancouver encourages a mix of ages in its higher density developments.  By PerthALIVE writers;  Published: Nov 23, 2013

Vancouver 1

Vancouver regularly wins the award for the world’s most livable city. It also has specific strategies to encourage a mix of ages in higher density developments.  Read More…

Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million

At the most recent Perth in Focus luncheon organised by the Committee for Perth, Eric Lumsden, PSM, Chair of the Western Australian Planning Commission spoke about the State Government’s plan for Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million with a panel session following. They also released the results of the most recent Perth Perceptions Survey

To read a summary, click here,  A link to the full article and the survey can be found at the end of the summary.

If you are interested in the things we’re doing, you might like to have a look at these sites too.

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