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PerthALIVE is always on the lookout for local and international examples of good practice in both intergenerational planning and in the creation of buildings and precincts that incorporate Multi-Age Precinct (MAPs) principles. We try to visit these when we travel and actively seek out articles that outline good practice.  On this page you will find links to a range of interesting information from around the world as well as locally.

Good Practice in Intergenerational Planning

WA Precinct Developments

National and International Examples

Creating Liveability

Good Practice in Intergenerational Planning

New Tenure, New Opportunities 

PerthAlive is excited about WA’s new and more flexible form of land tenure, Community Title. The new arrangements have been some 22 years in the making in this State, and now, together with parallel developments such as Metronet Transport Hubs, offer new possibilities for delivering on our vision of greater housing diversity in Perth, and better facilitating some of the key elements we have identified for MAPs (Multi-age Precincts). Community Title schemes will have the potential to unlock new possibilities for what can be achieved on a single site by introducing additional options and flexibility within the management and staging of new mixed use developments. Community schemes offer distinct capabilities across land use, shared infrastructure, governance arrangements and common property ownership.  As such, they present clear benefits for property developers and investors, as well as benefits for future owners and tenants.

Landgate has produced a brochure (download from https://www.strata.wa.gov.au/community-titles/support-and-resources/new-tenure-brochure)  introducing Community Schemes to WA’s property sector. It includes a series of theoretical scenarios which explore some potential applications of this new land tenure arrangement.

WA Precinct Developments 

Subi East

Subi East is among the most significant urban renewal projects WA has ever seen, and is hence of great interest to PerthALIVE as an opportunity for influencing the development of new MAPs. Commencing in 2019 some 35.6ha of land will be rejuvenated to create a vibrant new north-eastern gateway to Subiaco (including the site of the former Princess Margaret Hospital). It is intended to reflect and celebrate the rich heritage of the area, while realising the importance of its prominent location on the doorstep of the Perth CBD.

It is intended to be a multi-generational precinct and, to ensure a close match with our vision, PerthALIVE Committee members participated in a very comprehensive community consultation during the 2020 development of the draft Masterplan for the precinct.  PerthALIVE will work also with Development WA on the Subi East project in relation to the State’s new Community Title arrangements.  In particular, PerthALIVE wishes to explore the potential for a Community Title scheme to overcome the challenges and complexities of establishing, managing and funding community facilities in MAPs.

To follow progress for this exciting new development see  https://www.subiaco.wa.gov.au/subiacoeast

Montario Quarter 

Nestled in the heart of Shenton Park, Montario Quarter is becoming a landscaped urban village, close to boutique retail, cafes and community amenities in a future shopping precinct.  It has been designed to fit within, and connect to, the surrounding community and will provide a range of housing options to ensure the needs of different households can be met.

Find out more at  https://developmentwa.com.au/projects/residential/montario-quarter/overview

Perth’s First Riverside MAP (Canning Bridge)

Edge Visionary Living have received approval for what is being labelled Perth’s first riverside multi-age precinct.  As outlined in the West Australian in January 2020 the 220 apartment complex will have “an ageing in place office, as well as aged-care support and concierge services.“  The article noted,  “It is the 640sqm of community facilities that sets the project apart from others, including a men’s shed, a craft studio, public end of trip facilities and toilets for the disabled.”

MetroNet and MetroHubs 

METRONET is the State’s long term plan to connect our suburbs, reduce road congestion and meet Perth’s future planning needs.  It promises new rail lines and stations as well as transport centred accommodation.  A team from across WA Government is working together to consider what people need for work, living and recreation within these future urban centres with a train station at its heart.  For more information about METRONET refer to  https://perthalive.com/metronet-and-metrohubs/

In a further development the draft METRONET East Redevelopment Scheme outlines how development applications will be assessed to ensure high quality future development that reflects the character of each area.

Read more at  https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2020/08/Draft-redevelopment-scheme-for-METRONET-East-released.aspx

Perth and Peel@3.5 million 

In March 2018, the State Government released Perth and Peel@3.5million, a strategic suite of documents which present a long-term growth strategy for land use and infrastructure provision for the Perth and Peel regions. These frameworks show what our city could look like in the future, how we can maintain our valued lifestyle and how we can realistically accommodate a substantially increased population. It is predicated on a plan for a transport network that will drive urbanisation around infrastructure and enable high levels of accessibility for work, education and other activities.

For further information about this strategy go to Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage visit https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/perth-and-peel-@-3-5-million-frameworks

National and International Examples

The Benevolent Society Sydney  

The benevolent society in Sydney has adapted the Netherlands Humanitas Foundation Apartments for Life program for their housing model. The Humanitas Foundation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has attracted international renown because of its achievements in developing the innovative Apartments for Life model of housing and care for older people. Under the leadership of Dr Hans Becker, Chair of the Humanitas Foundation, the first Apartments for Life complex opened in the mid 1990s.

The society produced a report: Apartments for Life in Australia, Lessons for Australia from Humanitas in the Netherlands.  Follow the link to their report.


The Camperdown Commons – Sydney 

Only 4kms from Sydney’s CBD, the Camperdown Commons is a welcoming, inclusive community hub that provides space for locals of all ages and walks of life. It includes a working urban farm, an interactive kids’ play space, a sustainably-focused eatery and hireable community spaces.

For more details see http://camperdown.commons.com.au/welcome

Guy Luscombe and the NANA Project 

Guy Luscombe, the author of a report on the NANA project (New Architecture for the New Aged) presented his research findings from a study tour of thirteen residential developments in Europe to a PerthALIVE member event.  For more information about Guy’s work go to  https://perthalive.com/guy-luscombe-and-the-nana-project/

High Density Housing Vancouver

Vancouver regularly wins awards as one of the world’s most liveable cities. It also has specific strategies to encourage a mix of ages in higher density developments.  For example, apartment developers are required to provide 3-bedroom apartments suited to families on the ground floor of new apartment blocks.  The downtown area of Vancouver now has over 6,000 school age children.  To read more about Vancouver’s approach visit https://perthalive.com/high-density-housing-vancouver/

Apartment Living in Toronto 

To read about the approach in Toronto regarding apartment living with children go to https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/growing-up-planning-for-children-in-new-vertical-communities/

Humanitas in the Netherlands

Humanitas in The Netherlands has taken an interesting approach to inter-generational housing. Students can live in Humanitas seniors housing for free in return for spending 30 hours each month being a good neighbour.  For more information on this model see https://inhabitat.com/dutch-housing-model-lets-students-stay-at-a-senior-living-home-for-free/

And here is a report on this Intergenerational Housing Initiative


Creating Liveability 


PerthALIVE promotes developments with transport and amentities nearby to encourage walking.  The Walk Score website argues that “walkable neighborhoods with access to public transit, better commutes, and proximity to the people and places you love are the key to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.” Find out more about Walkability and Walk Scores, including local suburbs, at https://perthalive.com/walkability/

In cities around the world people are increasingly seeking multigenerational housing in walkable communities where services, amenities and public transport are within a five minute walk. While there is insufficient supply of such accommodation in metropolitan Perth, PerthALIVE believes that the revitalisation of many of Perth’s suburban town centres can address this need.  For more information see https://perthalive.com/354-2/

The pandemic of 2020 may result in some changes in housing preferences although it may be some time before it is clear what these may be.  PerthALIVE will follow issue this with interest.