What We Do

What we do can be grouped into four categories.  For more information on each click one of the links below.

Policy Development

Useful Tools and Other Resources

Working with Others

Spreading the Word

Policy Development

PerthALIVE Policy Paper 

Over the years PerthALIVE has documented its ideas into a clear strategic framework in the form of a policy document.  This policy statement is based on the notion of Multi-Age Precincts or MAPs and we use it as a way to discuss our concepts with those interested in building vibrant inter-generational environments.  To read our policy in detail go to  https://perthalive.com/submissions/perthalive-policy-paper/  

What is a MAP?

A MAP describes housing precincts with specific features that cater for people of all ages and stages of life.  Key features of a MAP relate to its size, multi-use and access to a major transport hub.  For more information about MAPS please refer to https://perthalive.com/multi-age-precincts-maps/

Useful Tools and Other Resources

 In order to assist planners, developers and community members achieve optimum MAPs outcomes PerthALIVE is developing self-assessment tools and other resources.

MAPs Assessment Tool 

By highlighting the essential features of a MAP with its focus on inter-generational living we have identified and described related sets of standards so that precincts can be self-assessed by developers, planners and community members in the design and planning stage.  High ratings indicate features that meet a high level of MAP outcome.  Lower ratings suggest areas that require further consideration and development.

To access the MAPs Assessment tool click here.    

Community consultation kit for developers

The community consultation kit is currently in development.

Setting up a Community Hub

Suggestions for setting up a Community Hub are currently in development.

Working with Others

New Apartment Guidelines

In 2016 PerthALIVE participated in a Working Party for the then Department of Planning to look at Design Guidelines for Apartments in WA.  The new residential code designs released in February 2019 “inform the community on the principles of good design and planning practice for the development of residential apartments.”  It is a comprehensive document outlining a range of elements of good design and listing acceptable outcomes and design guidance.

It is intended to provide a “platform to accommodate a growing population, close to new and existing public transport infrastructure and good design will be central to meeting community needs and expectations now and into the future.” As the Minister stated at the time,

This addresses many of the issues that concern communities including walkable neighbourhoods, retaining street trees, providing green open spaces, ensuring new apartment blocks fit in with their surroundings, parking and privacy concerns.

PerthALIVE notes that the new guidelines align with many elements we consider essential for MAPs, and we look forward to contributing to future design work for medium density and precinct developments coordinated by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

The document can be viewed at


Precinct Guidelines

Suggested guidelines for precinct development are currently in development by the Department of Planning, Lands, and Heritage.

Spreading the Word


Since its establishment PerthALIVE has been invited to present its ideas at a range of conferences and other seminars/meetings by government, non-government and private organisations.  Click here to view the presentations we have delivered.  


PerthAlive actively advocates for the MAPs concept to be integrated into new government and private sector developments.  One way in which they pursue this objective is to make submissions when new developments are in the planning and consultation stage.  To look at a list of submissions we have made and the content of those submissions please click the following https://perthalive.com/submissions-2/   LINK DOCUMENTATION TO BE REVIEWED

Student Projects

From time to time local Perth universities have asked PerthALIVE to support project work for students in architecture, design and planning at both the University of Western Australia and Curtin University.


In 2020 PerthALIVE decided to issue occasional newsletters to its members about its work.  These will emerge within the time and energy of committee members.

Click here to view Newsletter 1, which was published in April 2020.