Old City: the New Paradigm

The current conversation about redesigning cities usually focuses on Boomers or Milllennials, two extremes of the age spectrum.  The largest percent of people are between 30-64 years old and everyone will eventually be elderly–a reality no one can escape.  We are a global society, more savvy, fashionable and in-the-know than ever before, and most of us want an urbanized lifestyle, meaning a blend of great food and conversation, tech modernization, access to healthy and alternative life choices, and being at the center of the action.

The best cities in the world like New York, Berlin, and Tokyo market themselves as meccas for young, energetic people that promise diversity and innovation. This generates a lack of ideal architecture for people over the age of 65 and shuts the door on them. Thus we lose the knowledge, stability, and experience they provide to civilization.  Read More…

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