Claremont on Park

The planned development around Claremont Football Oval embodies many of the features that PerthALIVE looks for in a major development.

We want a socially sustainable community where the quality of community life is a central consideration.  We want it to be an amenity rich and vibrant  environment.  So this means mixed density mixed use developments next to or on top of major urban centres and situated on a major transport node. To achieve the kind of amenity we want there needs to be several hundred residents.  The Claremont N-E Precinct development (now called Claremont on Park), by Landcorp and the Town of Claremont achieves this.

Claremont on Park website

To view the Design Guidelines for this development go to:

If you want to keep abreast of progress on this development go to Landcorp website:

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