Participatory urban planning – PerthALIVE believe in participatory urban planning that enables all citizens to have a say in how the city is shaped. The new city plan for Auckland showcased a participative and inclusive co-design project that balanced market, state, and commons interests with the goal of becoming “the world’s most live able city. Read about the process here.

Urban villages – PerthALIVE champions Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs) which are essentially vibrant, multigenerational urban villages. Around the world the number of urban villages is growing. They are not just a physical space; but reflect a more interconnected, collective way of life. Read about some examples here.

Active transport in cities – PerthALIVE advocate for active transport in cities. Here is an example of a European city (Milan) that has successfully addressed congestion caused by high rates of car ownership by implementing a comprehensive mobility plan focussing on bike sharing and car sharing. Click here to read.

Community Solutions to the Loneliness Epidemic – PerthALIVE advocates for connected active strategies to build community connectedness in MAPs. This is one way to ward off loneliness – a free e-book from Shareable. Click here to read.

Social Wellbeing and Sociability in Multi-family Housing Design – this Executive Summary outlines how the built environment can support social wellbeing. Read it here.

Happy City’s Thriving Places Index measures wellbeing on the basis of social needs – here is an article from Shareable that presents an interesting index for measuring wellbeing: Click here to read.

Seniors Taking over Manhattan – Here’s an interesting article about how NYC became a global leader for senior living—one Zumba class at a time! Click here to read.

Apartment Living for Seniors – an interesting publication from the Urban Taskforce Australia.  Read the article here.

Christopher Leinberger: The WalkUP Wakeup Call.  Leinberger analyses the growth of walkable urban spaces in selected American cities. Read what he says here.