Who We Are


PerthALIVE is an independent not-for-profit organisation promoting precinct developments that accommodate and provide services to people at all stages of life. Our ‘ALIVE’ acronym stands for All Ages Living in Vibrant Environments. PerthALIVE has over 180 members and a committee of ten. We are not planners, architects or developers, but we do have a keen sense of the type of places in which we would like to live and are passionate advocates for the development of vibrant, intergenerational housing precincts.

Since 2011 PerthALIVE has worked constructively and collaboratively with LandCorp, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, various developers, local governments and a not-for-profit aged care provider to advocate for Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs). We have presented to a wide range of industry and planning conferences, and met with industry bodies, architects and planners, not for profit groups, local governments, and government agencies as part of a wide-ranging strategy to promote the concept of MAPs.

Membership is free.