Where Did We Come From – Our History?

PerthALIVE started out as a small group of Perth residents wondering where and how we’d live as we age. The two main options – having services delivered to our homes or moving to retirement villages with people of similar ages – seemed limiting. Our preference was to live in regular, vibrant communities, surrounded by people of all ages, and within walking distance of amenities such as public transport, shopping, and medical facilities. We also wanted easy access to a provider who could arrange services that might be used by people at different stages of life such as assistance with home cleaning, respite care, fitness activities, meals, child care/babysitting, and nursing care.

To build support for this approach we have been meeting with developers, planners, architects, local government officials, state government officials from planning and development agencies, urban planning academics, architecture students, aged care providers, peak professional bodies, and community groups with an interest in Perth’s development such as Future Perth and the Council on the Ageing (COTA). Throughout this process we have been enthusiastically received and our goals embraced and shared. Our ideas have evolved into a clearer understanding of what we want and a more realistic idea of what is possible.

Our Purpose

The purpose of PerthALIVE is to:

  • Contribute to the public debate on building communities that are vibrant, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, promoting healthy and active living.
  • Broaden public understanding about choice and diversity of accommodation for people across all stages of life.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of well planned, high quality, well connected developments that address Perth’s future accommodation needs.

Vision Statement 

PerthALIVE encourages alternative urban design to promote vibrant and diverse communities in Western Australia.  Specifically, it supports development based on sustainability with preferences for:

  • Mixed use, mixed density, mixed age communities
  • Flexible design that accommodates people in all stages of life
  • Developments that encourage a strong sense of community – both within the resident community and between the residents and the broader community in which they are situated.
  • Access to most services within walking distance and other services via public transport

PerthALIVE seeks to support and work with governments (state and local) and developers in sympathy with this vision.