Our Committee

Lyn Genoni (Chair)

Although born and bred in the country, Lyn has spent a life of study, work and community in Perth’s inner city.  She loves the variety and buzz of living in the city, and having never driven a car, is a confirmed urbanite.  Now semi-retired, she has no desire to move out to some homogenous enclave for the aging on the city’s fringe.  With a measure of self-interest therefore, she is passionate about influencing Perth’s decision makers to create vibrant and inclusive inner-city communities for all ages.

Jan Saggers (Vice Chair)

Being a member of the ‘sandwich generation’, Jan has a strong personal interest in intergenerational living. She believes there are huge advantages in fostering communities that actively promote close relationships between members of different generations.

Susan Barrera (Treasurer)

Susan is semi-retired but busier than ever. She enjoys getting around Perth on public transport and bicycle (mainly) and takes an active part in a number of communities of interest. Travelling overseas provides opportunities to observe other ways to build and participate in communities of people of all ages. The opportunities to build new ways of living together are very exciting.

Jan Stuart (Secretary)

Jan Stuart is a mother, grandmother, passionate reader and indifferent golfer. She has an interest in creating urban spaces in Perth that appeal to everyone – kids, their parents, their pets and their grandparents.

Maxine Murray 

Maxine is a baby boomer grandmother who wants to age in place in a multi-generational community. She is excited about living in a community where not only can she walk to everything but while doing so can also meet and chat with friends, neighbours, kids and their parents.

Janice Dudley

Janice Dudley is a retired mid-century baby boomer who is committed to as sustainable a life as possible. Intergenerational liveable communities which are walkable and have access to good public transport are both socially and environmentally sustainable.   Such communities can promote healthy lifestyles and are at the very centre of what community could mean in the 21st century.

Janette Hartz-Karp

Janette is now retired, but keeps busy as an Emeritus Professor (Curtin University) and Co-Director of a small company, ‘Empowering Participation’ – both positions focussed on her passion of deliberative democracy and sustainability. With 2 children living in Melbourne, her husband’s family in Israel, and colleagues and work internationally, travel has been a significant part of their lives. Janette tries to keep fit, reads a lot, and enjoys helping others make a difference, particularly in co-creating a more sustainable world.

Jan Rodgers

Jan is a semi-retired baby boomer who loves the company of people of all ages.  She wants to see flexible options for owners and renters in a multi-generational community- where the car is rarely used because of good public transport and close by facilities.


Corresponding Members


Mariana Atkins

Alison Gaines

Marie Finlay

Stephanie Withers