Thank you for the opportunity to comment.  PerthALIVE is an independent not-for-profit organisation promoting precinct developments that accommodate and provide services to people at all stages of life. We have developed a concept known as Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs).  In addition to the well-known elements of quality higher density mixed-use precincts, MAPs focus on intergenerational living and have two critical components – an onsite service provider and a community facility.

An onsite service provider would offer a range of lifestyle and aged care services suited to people of all ages and stages of life. The provision of such services supports intergenerational, cradle-to-grave living. They would be attractive for residents of all ages and may include cleaning, laundry, child care, pet care and general maintenance. Additional support for residents needing specialised services as they age in place could be provided either through government support or on a user-pays basis for those who can afford it.

The key features of MAPs are described below.

  • MAPs are large, vibrant mixed-use developments in already established areas.
  • MAPs comprise at least several hundred dwelling units within walking distance of a major transport hub, urban town centre and associated facilities.
  • MAPs are intentionally intergenerational and include an onsite provider offering a range of lifestyle and aged care services suited to people of all ages and stages of life.
  • MAPs focus on social sustainability, with dedicated accommodation for a community facility that encourages positive community engagement by residents of both the precinct development and the local neighbourhood.

The Vision Concept for the Subi-East Redevelopment illustrates to the community how a well-planned precinct can create a diversity of dwelling types and create vibrant, sustainable and engaged communities.  Such planned precincts can serve to allay fears about unplanned densification.

Specifically, in reference to your themes:

Design quality is key.

PerthALIVE agrees, noting that good design is essential to support an engaged and vibrant community as noted in Item 3.  It appears that the existing public housing units adjacent to the Railway Reserve north of Subiaco Oval will be redeveloped.  PerthALIVE would suggest that ‘density with sensitivity’ is an argument to ensure that current tenants are given an opportunity to be re-housed in this area in affordable/social housing.  Ideally buildings with the greatest height should be located closest to the railway line.

Public spaces are crucial.

PerthALIVE agrees and would like to point out that effective communities will need both indoor and outdoor spaces.  It would like to ensure that the proposed Community Hub will enable full community access.   PerthALIVE has been undertaking research on the inclusion of Community Facilities in Multi-age precincts and would be pleased to elaborate on this aspect.

Create a place that is activated both day and night.

PerthALIVE supports this theme as a way to encourage multi-generational living. Community feedback to PerthALIVE indicates many older residents worry about security and it is important to ensure security measures do not dictate planning to the detriment of ensuring opportunities for incidental encounters are optimised. To achieve this passive surveillance and vibrancy are vital

Make pedestrians the priority.

PerthALIVE supports this view.  To encourage more pedestrian traffic, there needs to be a focus on public transport.  While the area is well served by the train line (Subiaco and West Leederville stations) there may be a need for additional buses including extension of the current CAT routes.  The increase in population will put pressure on the current road infrastructure.  We note that the Vision Concept map shows some road realignments that may begin to address this problem.

Honour the site’s histories, memories and stories

PerthALIVE supports this view.

The development should integrate with surrounding neighbourhoods.

PerthALIVE would agree that this should be done to the extent possible.  Creating a precinct that serves surrounding residents increases vibrancy and passive surveillance.

PerthALIVE sees the development of the Subi-East precinct as closely matching its MAPs criteria with their focus on liveability, walkability and public transport.  It would argue that in a precinct that will significantly increase the number of new dwellings (at least 2000) it is important to consider the inclusion of an onsite service provider(s) to ensure residents can age in place.