EDGE Public Consultation Session: Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs) November 2018
Department of Communities (Housing) – PerthALIVE and Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs) May 2018
Metronet Team, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage: PerthALIVE and Multi-Age Precincts (MAPs) April 2018
Rotary Club of Bay View Claremont: PerthALIVE and Multi-Age Living February 2018
City of Melville Council: PerthALIVE and Multi-Age Living November 2017
International Centre for Integrated Urban Planning and Transport (ICIUPT) Conference: Making It Happen – Citizen-Led Collaboration for Delivering Multi-Age Living September 2017
Roberts Day Seminar: MAPS May 2017
 (IPWEA): Intergenerational Living Environment – Perth’s Changing Lifestyle March 2016
Eco-Fair: A Sustainable Lifestyle Starts with Intergenerational Living and Sustainability March 2016
Planning Institute of Australia: How Will We Live? Imagine Our Tomorrow September 2015
Property Council: Retirement Living Conference August 2015
Baptist Care: MAPs November 2014
Landcorp: Staff Presentation September 2014
Landcorp: Developers’ Forum September 2014
Committee for Perth: MAPs June 2014
Australian Institute of Urban Studies (AIUS): MAPs April 2014
Curtin University Architectural Students: Different Generations Seeking Similar Housing March 2014
UWA Faculty of Architecture: Student Presentation August 2013
International Cities, Town Centres and Communities (ICTC) Conference: An Unexpected Partnership – Different Generations Seeking Similar Housing (See Note below) October 2013


 A joint presentation between PerthALIVE and FuturePerth to the International Cities Town Centres & Communities Society Conference in October, 2013 challenged traditional assumptions about what different age groups want from their cities and housing. To read more, click here.