University of Western Australia

PerthALIVE worked with Associate Professor Joo Hwa (Philip) Bay from the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts at the University of Western Australia to provide a brief for a Studio Project for third year students. The project was titled, Re-Inventing the Claremont Connectivity, Sustainable Urban community on the Ground and in the Sky. The design brief we provided was translated into a project that asked the students to design for connectivity socially and environmentally for the young and the old, with mixed facilities with human scale presence.

This included:

  1. Community & Connectivity on Ground. Design that encourage connectivity and community building on the ground and in the streets;
  2. Community & Connectivity on Higher Levels. Owing to the need for higher density, to carry the village nuance up to higher levels of living environment;
  3. Diversity & Spontaneity. Maintain or inject higher levels of diversity in terms of usage, activities and physical characteristics;
  4. Sustainable Social-Environmental Design. Sustainable both in terms of the social and the environmental aspects, learning from existing good cases of greening, veranda spaces, shopping streets, and various other spaces that are catalytic to social engagements.

The students have completed their work and we will feature some of their ideas on our site soon.

Upon Philip’s move to Curtin University, in 2017 PerthALIVE again collaborated with Professor Bay by providing feedback to Masters of Architecture students on their proposed research.