PerthALIVE believes that Claremont on the Park, when completed, will be a showcase MAPs development.  When complete, Claremont on the Park will include over 800 homes for approximately 2,000 residents across seven apartment blocks arranged around Claremont Oval.

Claremont on Park was not intentionally planned as a MAP, but rather as an example of a well-designed Transport Oriented Design.  The Town of Claremont and Landcorp were responsible for the major work to develop the overall Design Guidelines and then to initiate and oversee the development at Claremont on the Park.  When the Claremont on the Park development was in the early stages of delivery, PerthALIVE held a number of meetings with and made presentations to staff as well as other interactions with LandCorp.  Landcorp subsequently included in their Expression of Interest for Stage Three of the Claremont on the Park Precinct a statement reflecting the broad principles underpinning MAPs. They encouraged PerthALIVE to approach the three shortlisted proponents to discuss the more detailed requirements for a MAP, especially the inclusion of a service provider

PerthALIVE had at this time formed an alliance with Amana Living.  The two groups worked together on developing and refining a service provider concept.  A wide range of services that people of all ages and stages of life might need was developed   The provision of such services on-site is a key element of all MAPs.

PerthALIVE met with all three shortlisted proponents for Stage 3, the first mixed use development in Claremont on the Park.  Blackburne, the successful proponent, partnered with Amana Living to include a space for Amana as a service provider in their project in the Claremont on the Park precinct.  Amana will service clients in the whole precinct and in surrounding areas.

More recently, Landcorp and Claremont Council have supported the inclusion of an intergenerational development at Claremont on the Park.  Accordingly, in their project, Oryx Communities will provide a multi-generational approach to assisted living, offering fully serviced assisted living apartments, residential aged care and child care.


The Claremont-on-the-Park MAP is in a perfect location, just 200 metres from the centre of Claremont and 50metres from the Claremont train station. It is adjacent to the new clubrooms of the Claremont Football Club. It is also just over the road from the recently refurbished Goods Shed – a historic railway building repurposed by FORM and LandCorp into a space for exhibitions, installations, residencies and community activities.

Launch of Perth’s First MAP

On Thursday, December 15th 2016 at the Goods Shed in Claremont, a group of 80 people attended the official launch by the Premier of WA, the Honourable Colin Barnett, of Perth’s first Multi Age Precinct.  The function was hosted by PerthALIVE with the generous support of FORM, LandCorp, Amana Living and Blackburne.


Photo: Leon Shaffer

Left to right is Jarrad Sizer, Blackburne; Maxine  Murray, PerthALIVE; The Hon Colin Barnett, Premier; Paul Blackburne, Blackbourne; John Hackett, LandCorp; Stephanie Buckland, Amana Living and Darren Cooper, Blackburne.

What’s Next?

PerthALIVE would like to ensure that Claremont on the Park will be the first of many MAPs across Perth and its surrounds.

We will continue working collaboratively with state and local government agencies, developers and service providers to promote the MAP concept. In particular, we will advocate for MAPs with a strong affordability component to allow people from all walks of life to experience the many benefits of MAPs.

For the Claremont on the Park development, PerthALIVE will work together with the Town of Claremont and a wide range of stakeholders to explore ways to activate the precinct and build a strong sense of community.