Vancouver Higher Density

Vancouver encourages a mix of ages in its higher density developments.

By PerthALIVE writers;  Published: Nov 23, 2013

Vancouver 1

Vancouver regularly wins awards as one of the world’s most livable cities. It also has specific strategies to encourage a mix of ages in higher density developments.

Apartment developers are required to provide 3 bedroom apartments suited to families on the ground floor of new apartment blocks. The downtown area of Vancouver now has over 6,000 school age children.(Brent Toderain, Former Chief Planner for City of Vancouver)

The city focuses on making the streets safe for children on the premise that if it is safe for children it is safe for everyone.  There are designated bicycle ways that are separated from cars and the focus is on creating walkable communities that have a high degree of permeability.

Vancouver 2Vancouver 3

The current development at Southeast False Creek and the 2010 Winter Olympic Village is creating a sustainable, and walkable community designed to appeal to a wide demographic.  It has connections to major city bicycle ways and nearby rapid transit.

Vancouver 4Vancouver 5

It is serious about being a low carbon district.  The development includes a range of environmental features including a constructed wetland to collect the rainwater runoff and to cleanse it.  There is an energy centre that harvests the heat from sewage and provides low carbon heat throughout the development, achieving an estimated 65% reduction in greenhouse gasses for this type of development. Some of the roof tops have raised beds for gardens; others have thermal collectors.

Check out the development  here:

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